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Relocating entrepreneurs and launching startups in Europe
ВНЖ по стартапу
What is a startup-visa?
The Startup Visa is a unique relocation program for entrepreneurs who want to establish and scale their businesses in Europe.
It is an ideal way to obtain a residence permit in Europe, helping entrepreneurs and their families stay legally in Europe, operate, network, and expand their businesses, and, after five years of residence, obtain European citizenship.

A startup visa is 30 times cheaper than buying real estate and easier than investing.
A startup visa is your chance
Develop your business in Europe
Бизнес в Европе
Attract customers in the international market
Клиенты на международном рынке
Expand the professional community around you
ПМЖ и гражданство
Obtain permanent residence or citizenship after 5 years
Бизнес сообщество
Advantages of a startup visa
Fast track
No investments needed
Startup visa may be granted to 4−5 founders
Entrepreneurial opportunities
Residence permit for the whole family
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Who is eligible for a startup visa?
Идея для стартапа
You already have your own business or business idea in Europe
Присоединение к стартапу
You want to become a part of an existing startup
Переезд со всей семьей
You want to relocate to live in Europe with your family
Which country should you choose for a startup visa?
Any doubds ?
Our experts will share more details
What documents will you need?
apostille certificate of criminal record
state duty payment
bank statement
Документы для ВНЖ по стартапу
1 500 euros
Payment is made in 3 stages:
+ €2000 - for each additional founder of the company
1. 45% - after signing the contract
2. 25% - after the project has been agreed and the application has been submitted for review
3. 30% - received a favorable decision on the project
Single price for 2 startup founders for all countries:
Full service
from 11 000 euros
Free resubmission in case of refusal
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What's next?
for legal entities
Preparing a pitch deck
IT support
Softlanding юр.лицам
IT сопровождение
Project financing
Финансирование проекта
What additional services you can get in addition to the startup visa:
Softlanding физических лиц
Softlanding физических лиц
for individuals
LinkedIn and resume creation
Setting up a company and opening a business bank account.
A concise, comprehensive presentation of your startup for investors and conferences.
Paperwork for the whole family.
Looking for the best apartments, house, or office in the country of relocation.
3P Digital - creating Apps & Projects of any complexity - Web, Android, iOS.
Accelerators, business angels or venture investors.
Real estate, insurance, KELA, etc.
Presentation of your experience in the form of a well-written resume.
Softlanding юр.лицам
Softlanding юр.лицам
Softlanding юр.лицам
Residence permit for family reunion
All services
Why us?
Our team members are EU residents
10+ years of business development experience in IT, SaaS, investments, fintech, social media, logistics, edtech
Dozens of clients have already obtained startup visas with our help
We've been down this road ourselves, and we know the pitfalls.
Обладатели ВНЖ
10+ лет опыта в бизнеса
Десятки клиентов
Прошли путь сами
3PConsulting is open for cooperation with companies providing tourism, real estate, relocation, legal, and lawyer services abroad and in the Russian Federation.
Our results
residence permit holders
years of combined experience
professional fields
partner accelerators
residence permit programs
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An independent fintech platform that creates a modern portfolio including alternative investments in one click.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Up to 75 calendar days.
Why the 3P Consulting team
Holders of the startup residence permits
10-year expertise
Further cooperation
Our core team members were granted the startup residence permits.
To create strong & fast growing business across the globe.
Our experience in investment consulting and worldwide connections allow us to partner with your company after you receive your residence permit to facilitate the development & financing.
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We will answer your questions & suggest the best solution for you.